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Meant2Move Functional Training

The Assessment 

To provide the most effective physical training, Meant2Move uses a comprehensive fitness assessment. By checking your body mechanics, balance, strength, body composition, and flexibility, we can maximize the effectiveness of your training program. Every 8 weeks we will reassess to show you your fitness improvements!

Maximum Effectiveness & Safety 

Don't expose your body to the stresses and strains of heavy weight lifting or long-distance cardio. Our exercise and flexibility training is designed to get your body feeling better in motion. Our holistic approach to fitness uses resistance exercises and mobility training to drastically improve your performance, health, and vitality.


Fall Prevention 


The NCOA has reported an increased number of falls in aging adults. At Meant2Move we use a combination of resistance, stretching, and coordination exercises to help you prevent falls. Our programs have shown to effectively increase strength, stability, and flexibility. Let our certified personal trainers guide you to better performance and a more confident active lifestyle.