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Movement cures

Ok, hear me out. The similarities between exercise and medicine cannot be ignored. For each ailment, there is a specific treatment designed to create healing and positive change. The medicine for obesity, is exercise. Think of exercise programming, as the dosage and frequency. Depending on your goal, your program, is designed to help you reach your desired results in a safe and effective way. The greater the need for change, the more intense the exercise program is.

It is important to use fitness and healthy habits, as the natural combatant to all the stressors life brings. Body in pain? Workout! Feel weak? Workout! Exercise has proven to bring tangible benefits from both a physical and mental perspective.

Studies show that just 150 minutes/week of physical activity for adults can prevent and treat chronic diseases like cancer, type II diabetes and heart disease. Exercise is the preventative to future illness, while also being the combatant to current illness.

You wouldn’t take medicine without first speaking to a professional, would you? The same can be said for exercise. Reach out to us, so we can cater a fitness program designed specifically for your variables and your goals!

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