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We at Meant 2 Move, believe that functional yoga is the practice of synching breath to movement while increasing body alignment, body awareness, and freeing our mind of stress, while also freeing our body of pain. Life has a way of beating us up physically, mentally, and emotionally. The best way to combat these ailments is to add functional yoga to your life. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect by adding functional yoga to your day:

· Increase Body Awareness

· Meditation / Breathing Techniques

· Increase in Balance

· Develop Core Strength

· Increase Flexibility

· Combat Pain

· Strengthen Muscles

· Improve Posture

Client: “How do I know if yoga is right for me?”

Meant 2 Move: “Yoga is for everyone! Yoga is about accepting and appreciating all that your body can do, while improving what your body is unable to do. Functional yoga is for all ages and experience levels. Yoga is a personal practice. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or to the person you used to be. We are where we are. Find gratitude in your current state. Incorporate breathing, movement, and mindfulness to unlock a better you TODAY! Your future self will thank you for it.”

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