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Posture is key to functional movement

After reading the title, did you immediately have to pull your shoulders back and engage your core? Often times, posture is something that gets overlooked, and placed on the back burner. Let’s highlight the importance of posture during this blog.

Benefits of having good posture:

· Reduces low back pain

· Strengthen stabilizing muscles

· Less tension in shoulders/neck

· Improves core strength

· Improves circulation and digestion

· Better form during workouts to prevent future injuries

· Muscle balance

· Look younger while improving kinetic chain dysfunctions

How can I improve my posture?

· Be aware of your posture. Check in periodically to see how you look in the mirror

· Improve core strength

· Improve flexibility

· Stretch throughout work day

· Foam roll to loosen tissue of neck and shoulders

· Build upper back strength

· Add yoga to your day

· Improve form when exercising

· Treat yourself to a massage

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