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Often times, we are at the grocery store shopping for our week's supply of food, and we are presented with the decision to buy organic or non-organic. It can be tough to decide between what is more cost-effective or what is best for our bodies. The deciding factor between buying organic and not is based on the level of pesticide residue often found in some of the foods we consume. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what foods are safe to buy in their non-organic form? Keep this in mind next time we head to the grocery store. Protect your body while also saving money where you can! Always buy organic:

  1. Apples

  2. Nectarines

  3. Peaches

  4. Celery

  5. Grapes

  6. Cherries

  7. Spinach

  8. Tomatoes

  9. Sweet Bell Peppers

  10. Cherry Tomatoes

  11. Cucumbers

Ok to buy conventional:

  1. Avacado

  2. Sweet Corn

  3. Pineapples

  4. Cabbage

  5. Sweet Peas (Frozen)

  6. Onions

  7. Asparagus

  8. Mangos

  9. Papayas

  10. Kiwi

  11. Eggplant

  12. Honeydew Melon

  13. Grapefruit

  14. Cantaloupe

  15. Cauliflower

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