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  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

If you are overweight, some exercises have a high risk of injury. It can be hard to strengthen the core without lower back strains and body pain. Most fitness machines don't give the stability needed to build a strong core and start slimming down.

Ok, so we can avoid the machines but still work out. But how? Getting down on the ground to do some of the floor exercises is a huge task. Start off engaging your core by balancing. Just standing on one leg while doing another exercise can help engage the core.

An exercise ball is another great way to improve core strength. These simple products will help to develop your balance and build abdominal strength by creating an unstable seat. You can even exercise while watching TV. Try sitting on a ball for a while, and you will feel your muscles working. Just make sure you buy the right ball for your weight and height.

Another option is to buy an exercise bike suitable for your weight and height. Take it slowly and follow the advice of your doctors as you don't want to strain your heart in your bid to get healthy. Try these tips, and soon you could be doing abdominal exercises without limitation!

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