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The Hip is a complex joint with a number of muscles controlling its function. Coined the Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex (LPHC), over time it is subject to many possible avenues of dysfunction.

Primarily LPHC dysfunction symptoms can be traced to common less optimal movement strategies in employing hip mechanics during the gait cycle. As well as stepping and squatting patterns. 

Using exercise as a corrective tool, various healthcare professionals and trainers frequently target the gluteal musculature. More often than not, you may hear that your glutes are "weak" or under active. While this diagnosis may not be wrong, it does however lead professionals to the false belief that strengthening the glutes alone is an adequate avenue of correction.

The goal through strength training the LPHC, is optimizing mechanics through somatic education and ultimately somatic awareness. This means that movements during exercise must be employed specifically and intentionally in accordance with the mechanics of both hip hinge and gait.

Muscles mimic the actions of elastic bands, and to achieve not only optimal range of motion, but also neuromuscular efficiency we must perform each of 3 primary steps.

1. Lengthen

2. Eccentrically Potentiate

3. Contract


Full hip flexion with anterior articulation of the pelvis over the femoral heads.


Hip-Hinge, and with intention. From a professional view, very specific cueing must be made to achieve optimal movement during LPHC exercise. All of this sounds complicated until you feel the difference through learning how to feel the right movement.

Education is first. We talk about what the hip does as a joint and how it functions optimally. An understanding of this opens the door to feeling it. We then take the time to learn what it takes to move the hip during exercise. Proper hip mechanics can be achieved in as little as one session, and the subsequent awareness is life changing.

This is functional anatomy. This is how we train scientifically and with intention. 

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