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Many of the top golf professionals know that winning on the tour today takes much more than a great game of golf. It means understanding every aspect of their physical and mental preparation and what factors influence their fitness performance. Gain a competitive edge in your next round by integrating these three key elements into your current fitness training program.

Get rid of the traditional gym machines which focus on isolating specific muscle groups and require no stabilization work by additional muscle groups. Integrate some old and new fitness tools which allow you to move and train your body in a more functional setting. These include cable machines, fitness balls, medicine balls, balance disks, traditional dumbbells and don’t forget about the power of using your own bodyweight.

Increasing core stability and creating efficient movement patterns will undoubtedly increase your power. Golfers maintain an athletic posture over long periods of time and require both trunk and core stabilization and endurance. By increasing your strength and endurance in the core region of your body, you provide both a solid base of support for rotation in addition to the proper transfer of power throughout the body.

Vary your Planes of Motion during Exercise - A golf fitness program will have varying planes of motion as part of your weekly strength routine. Planes of movement include front to back motions, left to right and rotational exercises. Some good examples include multi-directional lunges and medicine ball wood chops. Make sure your fitness training program includes exercises that active the glute, core, and upper back muscles, they are essential to peak performance.

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