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There are three primary disciplines that we should all focus on to unlock our healthiest self. During this blog, we will highlight the importance of diet, exercise, and sleep and the effects each have on our health.


Diet is the fuel that runs the car. Eating processed foods has been known to cause fatigue and a decrease in motivation. The food we give our body plays a large role in the results received from our workout. Be sure to use foods that aid in your workout. Lots of carbohydrates and bad fats, will bring about a feeling of nausea. Whereas, foods high in protein and good fats, can be the fuel we need to power through those last few sets. If you are going to eat something bad, try to do so in the morning so that there are opportunities to work off the calories. What we eat impacts our sleep in a major way as well. Caffeine before bed, dramatically reduces your sleep quality. Meals that are high in carbs and processed foods have been known to cause a “bloating” feeling and negatively impact sleep quality as well. For that last meal of the day, try to incorporate a clean protein source with leafy vegetables. The lighter meal will improve digestion and prevent stomach issues, that often wake us from sleep.


Exercise is a cornerstone of health and benefits nearly every system in the body. Many of the benefits are seen immediately, like reduced anxiety, lowered blood pressure, and better sleep. Exercise can play a vital role in both sleep and diet. Studies support that high intensity exercise can help decrease appetite for up to two hours after working out. Adversely, reports show, that sedentary individuals are known to consume more calories and have a higher rate of obesity then their active counterparts. When working out to improve sleep, try logging workouts in the morning or mid-afternoon. Exercise done at night just before bed, has been known to increase stress hormones, which can actually worsen sleep.


Sleep is perhaps the most important of the three disciplines that were highlights. It is vital that we try to achieve eight hours per night. Sleep can boost your immune system, strengthen your heart, increase workout productivity, and improve your mood. An increase in sleep can aid in the digestion process of the foods we eat.

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