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  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

Back pain can affect an individual in many ways. Apart from the sheer physical discomfort of not being able to sit, stand, walk, or even move a few steps conveniently, there are even deeper and more sinister results of back pain. When back pain prevents someone from living the active lifestyle they deserve, they need to make a change.

A common source of back pain comes from years of poor posture. In other words, the way you stand or sit or even lie down affects the tension and pain in your back. If you slouch, stretch or jerk your movements suddenly, you are directly inviting back pain. The back muscles suffer strain due to poor posture and tightness in muscles like the hamstrings. In more critical cases, back pain may be linked with subsidiary symptoms like sprain, ligament pain, and joint pain. In the most severe cases, back pain might also be due to a slipped or degenerated disks in the spine. Thus the causes of back pain are numerous.

In addition to these infrequent incidents, other issues bring about back pain. The commonest of these is the lifting of weights. In homes and workplaces, we tend to lift heavy pieces of furniture in a bid to re-arrange the place. While all this might bring about a change and may even lead to the convenience of life, the task, if performed suddenly, can lead to back pain. Imbalances in the body cause weight to be distributed unevenly.

Increasing flexibility in muscles and mobility in joints will lower your risk for new or reoccurring back pain. The two most important areas of focus are the hips and upper back. Mobilizing these areas will decrease tension in the lower back and allow it to stabilize.

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