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  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

Every time you drive a golf ball, cycle for long-distance, or simply take a walk, you’re using your extremely functional musculoskeletal system. This means a combination of bones, joints, and muscles get you going where you want to go. But muscles and bones don’t work alone. Instead, there are joints and fascial tissues that link everything together.

While bones support your body’s weight, your muscles pull your bones as you move. Joints and fascial systems are the connecting links that facilitate motion.

Given the important functions of mobility and movement, you must take good care of your bones, muscles, joints, and fascia. After all, we put them through so much wear and tear throughout our life.

The musculoskeletal system is taken care of by improving circulation, mobility, pliability, strength, and balance. Sometimes our specific activities (cycling) create imbalances that slow us down, cause pain, or even disable us. The right strength, mobility, and balance in the body will create efficiency in our movement.

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