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Certified Movement Specialist

Our 1-on-1 training sessions are focus on functional exercise and optimal strength symmetry  — Backed by research from the most elite sports medicine and athletic organizations in the world. Our proven training program is guided by a Certified Movement Specialist. We guide your training sessions ensuring proper form and individualization of strength, assisted stretching, and myofascial release techniques. Start feeling great and make steady progress toward your personal fitness goals.


Corrective Exercise Specialist

Human Movement Specialist

Brookbush Institute

NESTA - Functional Exercise 

ISSA - Certified Trainer

ISSA - Nutrition Specialist

ISSA - Exercise Therapy 

ACE - Certified Trainer

"My name is Spencer and i’m an enthusiast of all things health and fitness. Years of helping clients reach their goals has lead me to a holistic approach to health and fitness. Extensive education and experience in human movement have helped me completely customize my client's workouts and stretch routines. Maximizing someone's health and fitness starts with assessing exactly what they need! Proper posture, muscular balance, movement patterns, and old injuries are all accounted for when I help clients take back responsibility for how they look and feel."




Corrective Exercise Specialist 

Weight Lose Specialist 

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Senior Fitness Specialist 

Golf Fitness Specialist

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, I enjoy weight training, bodybuilding, and pushing myself to be the best I can be. That carries over the way I train my clients, enabling them to reach and exceed their fitness goals. While owning my own gym, I trained college and professional athletes and people who just need to lose a few pounds. I’m here to help you make a positive lifestyle change. When I’m not training, I enjoy biking, golfing, being outdoors, the beach, my two dogs, and my family.