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Meant 2 Move expert trainers are here to help develop and guide a holistic, comprehensive, and personalized plan to help you feel better in motion and perform your best! 

Spencer Richardson


"My name is Spencer and I’m an enthusiast of all things health and fitness. I've spent the last 10 years learning and identifying the most effective methods of exercise for all ages and limitations. My training methods have been recognized by hundreds of clients as "life changing" so I created Meant2Move! The body is meant to move and I'm passionate about showing you the best way how, from joint pain recovery to increased performance, take the first step to becoming the strongest version of yourself!  enthusiast of all 



As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, I enjoy weight training, bodybuilding, and pushing myself to be the best I can be. That carries over the way I train my clients, enabling them to reach and exceed their fitness goals. While owning my own gym, I trained college and professional athletes and people who just need to lose a few pounds. I’m here to help you make a positive lifestyle change. When I’m not training, I enjoy biking, golfing, being outdoors, the beach, my two dogs, and my family.

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Fitness started for me as early as 12 years old when first discovering a healthy lifestyle. Since then I have  found  a passion for bodybuilding and competitive weightlifting. After suffering chronic pain for 7 years, I now find joy in functional training. The body is a kinetic chain and 'meant to move' in unison! Over the past 8 years as a Personal Trainer, I have found my clients thrive when they move their bodies how they were designed to move. It's about a relentless search for self betterment. What no better way to improve yourself other than movement!