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Meant 2 Move expert trainers are here to help develop and guide a holistic, comprehensive, and personalized plan to help you feel better in motion and perform your best! 

Spencer Richardson


"My name is Spencer and i’m an enthusiast of all things health and fitness. Years of helping clients reach their goals has led me to a holistic approach to health and fitness. Extensive education and experience in human movement have helped me completely customize my client's workouts and stretch routines. Maximizing someone's health and fitness starts with assessing exactly what they need! Proper posture, muscular balance, movement patterns, and old injuries are all accounted for when I help clients take back responsibility for how they look and feel."



As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, I enjoy weight training, bodybuilding, and pushing myself to be the best I can be. That carries over the way I train my clients, enabling them to reach and exceed their fitness goals. While owning my own gym, I trained college and professional athletes and people who just need to lose a few pounds. I’m here to help you make a positive lifestyle change. When I’m not training, I enjoy biking, golfing, being outdoors, the beach, my two dogs, and my family.



I am a US Veteran, while serving in the military I really started to pursue fitness. I enjoyed how it made me feel and how it helped me gain the strength I needed physically and mentally to keep going with the mission. My friends and family call me a fitness addict, but it's just my lifestyle. It helped me to grow as a person and to change the way I think. I can push myself to limits I thought I thought I never could. Now I'm trying to help those who need that push and get them on the right path.