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Our goal is to give you a training program with the highest level of customization! We customize your program based on your postural and movement assessments, muscle imbalances, specific goals, individual fitness levels, and medical/injury history. This method has proven to maximize fitness results without compromising your safety. 

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"I love working out at Meant2Move! As a longtime runner, I've always struggled to find a resistance training program that I could stick to without getting bored. Trainers provide you with a wide variety of exercises for both your upper and lower body while also keeping your heart rate elevated. I've gained far more muscle and burned more fat than I ever could have on my own. They also offer great nutritional advice to keep you on track when you aren't in the studio. Resistance training is no longer boring to me and I look forward to my weekly workouts! I truly feel better than ever and have learned so much! At Meant2Move, they actually live up to their tagline and you will "Feel the Difference"!"

- Brittany T

I’ve been workout in big gyms for a long time and have never had results like this. I’m stronger, toner and overall more fit. Spencer at Meant2move is absolutely an amazing trainer. He listens to what my needs are and builds a program to help me. I find myself adding more days of training because it’s so much fun working out! Thank you Spencer and staff for your Professionalism and beautiful fitness studio!

- Andria A

"I feel so much better! I had been completely inactive with major aches, pains, and autoimmune issues for three years! Between the functional fitness and the stretching, I have been given a new lease on life."

- Denise G


As a person who has had many personal trainers and belonged to several health clubs, Meant2Move has been a unique experience for me. Spencer has been a huge asset in helping me meet my fitness goals using functional training, a training I have never done before. He is teaching me how to use my body with everyday movements to achieve my fitness goals. I would highly recommend this fitness studio to anyone looking to get in shape, in a personal, private setting.

- Bridgette J

"I have never worked with a personal trainer but am fortunate that I am working with Spencer. He is totally knowledgeable about what causes inflammation and pain in our body and has given me the inspiration and desire to work hard toward easing and hopefully eliminating my back pain through stretching and other exercises. He is patient and works at a pace that I feel comfortable with as we move forward to getting me to the point of moving pain free. I really like that my appointments are one-on-one rather than a group exercise class. I recommend Meant2Move for anyone at any age."

- Barbara P

"Being over 50, I thought there wasn't much I could do about my fitness situation. I saw a flyer about M2M at the fitness center in my development and decided to check it out. So glad I did. Spencer Richardson has both great knowledge about fitness and an ability to translate that knowledge into a workout plan I can stick with long term. It's been about three months and I've gained several pounds of muscle, lost even more pounds of fat and feel great. Now, my son, one of my daughters, and my wife are signed up to work with him."

- Philip F